Ashwaganda, the funny sounding herb only half the planet knows about


#Ashwaganda root, also called Winter Cherry, is an herb native to India, traditionally used in #Ayurvedic medicine. It can be prepared as a #tea or taken as a supplement.

It is classified as an “adaptogen”

(herbs which energize the body, boost immunity, and increase fertility), but Ashwaganda also promotes relaxation of the mind and muscles. It is used as a supplement to combat stress and inspire restful sleep; Ashwaganda is a common remedy for #Insomnia and #Anxiety, and allegedly prevents cancer growth.
Due to its positive affects on both the endocrine and immune systems, Ashwaganda helps to regulate #hormones in both men and women.

For a tasty way to turn up your energy while turning down your anxiety, try:

~Ashwaganda root

~Rooibos leaves

(Creamy, caffeine-free, easy)


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