Crystal Properties and Metaphysical meanings: The Fabled Emerald of Antiquity

, associated with the #HeartChakra, brings #prosperity. It’s particularly appropriate for spiritual work, as it aids in successful #manifestation.

Emerald sharpens #intuition and rids the mind of any barriers preventing #spiritualprogression. It inspires #precognition in the form of #dreams and #foresight; This stone facilitates mental and emotional #clarity.

Emerald is an effective #healer; Throughout time, this stone has been used to soothe both physical and emotional pain. Emerald is the perfect companion for those overcoming abusive relationships. It inspires both #romance and #divine #connection.

Its vibrant #green comes from trace amounts of #Chromium. It’s mined all over the world, but most notably comes from Colombia, Brazil, Africa, India, and Pakistan. It is grown beside calcite, pyrite and mica, so inclusions of these can occur! Emerald is found in various densities, from barrel-like (as in the photo) to cloudy and dark.

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