Crystal Spiritual Meanings A to Z. F for Fire Agate!!

fire agate.jpg#
 encourages #passion and #compassion in both matters of #love and business, through #reconnection to one’s true #desires. Creating high standards of #integrity, they demand righteous behavior of self, and also of those in close proximity. They are intensely #grounding and #empowering, despite vibrating at a slower frequency than comparable stones.

Historically, Fire Agates are known to contain the essence of #fire#Stabilizing the #root and #lowerchakras, while they stimulate the senses of #creativity#sexuality, and #will. They redirect focus toward the greater purpose in life, while rekindling the joy found in everyday pleasures.

Particularly adept at reigniting sexual passion, this stone increases both stamina and #circulation, perfect for those dealing with sexual imbalance. Fire Agates are stones of action, and inspire guidance during times of confusion, once deeper desires are unearthed. They aid in overcoming artistic blocks, improving #selfconfidence and composure.

The #protective qualities of the stone are both literal and metaphorical: Fire Agates can effectively safeguard both physical places and rogue thinking; Users can expect to eliminate longing for unneeded possessions and excess.

Fire Agates are especially helpful for those suffering from #depression#lethargy#disempowerment, and poor #circulation.

Wearing a Fire Agate pendant near the chest stimulates the #cardiac area; This physically strengthens nearby muscles and enables #emotionalhealing.


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