Green Apatite: List of Crystal Meanings/Uses/Properties A-Z


Green apatite possesses a multitude of spiritual properties, which work in sequence; First, this stone rids the user of apathy, negativity, and uncertainty, allowing clouded thinking to dissipate. Once limiting emotions are cleared from the mind, Green Apatite stimulates the quest for knowledge and truth by sharpening the intellect and enhancing creativity.

This stone also encapsulates both personal power and collective growth. The user must choose whether to focus solely on inner work, or to harness the humanitarian nature of the stone. Green Apatite promotes service to others through connection between the heart and the mind, and facilitates intellectual and emotional equilibrium. It is a Manifestation stone, used for matters pertaining to the future, and often conjures personal, spiritual, and financial abundance.

Composed of phosphate, which is the same material that makes up the teeth and bones of vertebrate animals, Green Apatite is especially tailored toward connection with wildlife. Those working with this stone can expect improved mental clarity, sociability, and connection with both the self and others.

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