Crystal meanings and uses A-Z: Heliodor , The Sun Crystal.

Heliodor, named after the Greek Sun God Helios, is believed to contain the warmth of the sun. It is a golden Beryl; Heliodor couples the grounding energy of Beryl with a unique Solar Plexus influence.

          Due to its yellow color caused by iron impurities, Heliodor inspires self-confidence and charisma. However, the stable presence of Beryl balances self-expression and humility. It facilitates conversation, allowing for genuine and easy interactions.

Heliodor’s energy is like the sun: bright, glowing, and safe. It brings light to the user by drawing positive social situations, uplifting mood, and fostering self-love. Some liken its affects to a warm blanket, soothing anxiety and promoting contentment.

Though it is a rare stone, it is often found as an accessory mineral in granites. It is a 7.5-8 hardness, commonly brittle, and transparent. It is located in caves and granite pegmatites all across the globe, often in sizes up to 30 feet!


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