Crystal meanings and uses A-Z: Jade. Jadeite, River Jade.


Jade, a Heart Chakra stone, attracts love of all kinds to the user. It signifies loyalty, generosity, and contentment. Jade aids the heart both literally and metaphorically; It is said to mend the organ itself and also soothe emotional upset. While promoting balance, Jade increases personal abundance and self-reliance. This creates a humble balance of self-progression and generosity. It boosts confidence, compassion, empathy, and integrity; Jade fosters both self-love and care for others.

Due to its vibrant green  color, Jade embodies the grounding essence of the Earth; Jade’s connection with the Heart makes it a highly emotional stone, but it is also balanced and stabilized. Known to incite calm, it commonly lends itself to meditation. Wearing Jade protects the user from negativity, as it does not retain unfavorable energy. Some believe that Jade actually repels unwanted forces from the user, leaving room for successful manifestation of desires.

In the Eastern Hemisphere, Jade was worn by Royalty, and was thus associated with nobility. Traditionally, tools and art were carved from Jade, as it was said to contain divinity. It remains today a coveted gem, but is readily available and worn by all classes. Jade’s presence is currently most notable in China, India, and Guatamala. This stone is Sodium and Aluminium rich, which bolsters its relationship with the Earth and provides anchoring for the user.

Jade can come in a spectrum of colors, including (the more common) greens and blues, to lavender, yellow, red, grey, black, and white. While it rarely occurs, this stone can be completely translucent. The more translucent the specimen, the more expensive; transparent white Jade can be as valuable as Diamond.

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