Crystal Meanings and Uses A-Z: Kunzite. Crystal of Colored Translucence.


            Kunzite, one of the most sought-after stones on Earth, radiates love. It opens the user to accept new experiences, while soothing wounds from the past. It allows for removal of protective barriers that prevent the heart from receiving love.  It mends broken hearts as well as weary minds. Kunzite fosters a connection between emotions and intuition.

Kunzite is the pale pink version of Spodumene. Its color varies so greatly that some specimens appear light purple in color, yellow, or green; Kunzite is pleochroic, meaning its hue changes based on the angle at which its held. The purple spectrum of Kunzite tends to be more valuable, while the pinks are more popular.

Much of Kunzite’s metaphysical potential comes from its color, explaining the demand for pink. Kunzite is a Heart Chakra stone, amplified by the color pink. It is also associated with the Crown Chakra, represented by purple energy; pink Kunzite bridges both the Heart and Crown, while purple Kunzite focuses upon the latter.

Pink Kunzite is referred to as the Woman’s Stone, aiding in pregnancy, menstruation, child-rearing, and  hormonal imbalance. Particularly fit for new and single mothers, this stone assists those struggling with raising children. Kunzite coaxes restless kids to sleep, and keeps misbehavior at bay.

Its name comes from the mineralogist by whom it was  discovered in 1902, George Frederick Kunz. Pink Kunzite was originally found in San Diego,  CA, but is mined in Brazil, US,  Australia, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Afghanistan today. Kunzite contains a high concentration of Manganese, which is exhibited by pale, transparent inclusions.

Lithium/Aluminum-rich and a member of the Silicate family, Kunzite maintains the Earth’s grounding influence despite its focus on the higher Chakras. In nature, it occurs once transparent materials become heated over an extended period. Long, thin, and flat specimens are most apt for spiritual work, as they underwent significant irradiation, and likely house lots of Manganese, Lithium, and Aluminum. Kunzite’s translucency and fragility render it difficult to cut and handle; therefore Kunzite jewelry is costly to purchase.

Hardness: 7, Structure: Monoclinic Crystal


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