Herb benefits and uses A-Z: Juniper. Gentle, delicious, and natural antibacterial

Juniper, a type of Evergreen Tree, grows in Asia, Europe, and North America. It naturally eliminates harmful bacteria from the body, making it an antibiotic. Unlike stronger herbal antiseptics, Juniper spares only the gut’s friendly bacteria.

This herb contains Terpinen, which supports Kidney Function. Juniper also consists of Amentoflavone, a compound exhibiting antiviral capabilities. Together they facilitate detoxification, and thus ensure continued health of all organs in the body.

Juniper can be ingested, and it soothes the digestive tract when consumed in tea or food. Simultaneously irradicating infection and fostering a healthy microbiome, this herb boosts Immunity. Conditions like IBS, SIBO, Diarrhea, Flatulence, Constipation, Heartburn, and bloating are relieved with continued Juniper exposure. It has a pleasant taste, and is commonly added to beverages around the world.

The cosmetics industry takes advantage of this herb’s appealing aroma and palatability. Juniper appears in unlikely places, improving the smells of makeup/beauty/hygiene products.

Due to Juniper’s antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal capacities, it holds promise for topical treatment of: Warts, Athlete’s Foot, Ezcema, Cystisis, Skin Growths, and Psoriasis. It can also thoroughly disinfect open wounds and cuts.

Traditionally, Juniper is brewed as tea, administered as lotion/ointment, taken as a supplement, or included in bath water. The berries, leaves, and bark of the Juniper Tree each lend themselves medicinally.

*For a delicious Biome-balancing cleanse, try brewing:

  1. Juniper berries (dried)
  2. Lavender blossoms (dried)
  3. Jasmine

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