Crystal Properties and Metaphysical Meanings A-Z: Nuumite, Nuummite.

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Nuumite, known to accelerate spiritual development, is the oldest mineral on the planet. It results from volcanic eruptions, and consists of Anthopyllite and Gedrite. Its origins provide a uniquely grounding energy, embodying the organic process by which it was created.

            Associated with the Root Chakra, Nuumite protects the user while aiding meditative work. It encourages feelings of well-being, satiation, and gratitude. When the Base Chakra is aligned, the higher energy centers in the body can follow suite. Carrying Nuumite not only stimulates the Root, but also removes blockages throughout the entire Chakra system.

Due to its age and connection to the forces of nature, Nuumite illuminates the past; ancient wisdom, repressed memories, and unconscious desires freely surface in order to be confronted. This stone fosters decision-making by altering the user to inner warning signs, which may have otherwise gone unacknowledged.

Dubbed the “Magician’s Stone” or the “Sorcerer’s Stone”, Nuumite’s reputation for prompting spiritual growth has bolstered its utility in metaphysics. It directs energy upward from the Root through the Crown Chakras, allowing for release of attachments hindering personal progression. The user can expect sharpened intuition, stimulated dreams, overwhelming gut-feelings, connection to nature, and access to the inner-self.

Nuumite is currently mined in Nuuk, Greenland, which was also its place of discovery in 1982. The Crystal’s name derives from this birthplace. Despite existence of similar stones, true Nuumite comes only from Nuuk. Due to Nuuk’s treacherous terrain and distance from civilization, acquiring Nuumite is arduous and dangerous; the labor involved in obtaining this stone ensures it’s worth and value.

Hardness: 5.5-6

Classification: Mineral, Metamorphic Rock

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