Herb Meanings, Benefits, and Uses A-Z: Licorice Root


Licorice Root, a sweet staple across the globe, boasts versatile health benefits, such as Anti-Depressant, Immunity-boosting, Anti-aging, and Anti-inflammatory effects. This Root has been used throughout time to soothe pain and quell anxiety. Technically an Herbaceous Perennial Legume, Licorice Root is native to Southern Europe and India.licorice 2.jpg

The flavor in common food items comes from true Licorice Root (however, artificial and “natural” flavors have largely taken over, and sugar often compensates for compromised taste. Candies containing Licorice are not the way to reap its rewards!).

Licorice (when taken correctly) increases bile production, lowers stomach acid, reduces heartburn/reflux, and acts as a mild diuretic. Liver function, motility, assimilation of nutrients, and general intestinal health are supported when taken as a supplement/essential oil/brewed in tea/ingested in foods (beyond dessert…some love the flavor!).

In addition to flavonoids and phytoestrogens which benefit the body, Licorice contains Glycyrrhizin; this compound produces a notable taste, and is actually 50 times sweeter than sugar. Glycyrrhizin aids the adrenal system, reducing the disintegration of adrenal chemicals like Cortisol. When these hormones remain intact, the body can readily use them to combat stress, and in turn, maintain a strong immune system.

Licorice relaxes the digestive tract, allowing for proper: elimination of toxins, repair of the intestines, absorption of food, immune system function, and irradication of discomfort. It successfully coats the stomach and intestines, which creates the right inner environment for rejuvenation; This diminishes Leaky Gut, IBS, SIBO, and Constipation.

Furthermore, Licorice calms the entire body, encouraging muscles to release tension. The root also inspires mental tranquility, known to remove cerebral clutter. Due to its dual connection with the mind and body, Licorice lends itself well to both spiritual work and everyday life.

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