Crystal Benefits and Metaphysical uses A-Z: Peridot

Peridot, associated with the Heart Chakra, radiates positivity. It protects the user while opening the mind and heart. Lending itself well to healing, this stone brings renewal, clarity, and prosperity.

Known for solidifying healthy relationships, Peridot is a stone of compassion; It both increases self-love and empathy for others. Additionally, Peridot stimulates intuition, making it useful for spiritual work. Peridot protects the user from unwanted energy. Instead, it attracts beneficial circumstances and good luck.

Throughout time, the stone has represented the sun’s warmth and comfort. It is no surprise that Peridot accompanies the month of August as its birthstone, when the sun dominates.

Peridot’s bright green color comes from Iron inclusions within the stone. The higher the Iron content, the more intense the hue. Peridot also houses high concentrations of Magnesium and Silica. It is the rare, Iron-rich counterpart of Olivine, a common mineral.

Peridot was present in Ancient Egypt, as Pharoahs donned jewelry made of the precious gem. Today, it is mined in Arkansas, Arizona, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hawaii, Kenya, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Hardness: 6.5-7

Classification: Orthorhombic


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