Herb Benefits and Uses A-Z: Marshmallow Root; Deliciously Medicinal


Marshmallow, a popular flavor in candies across the globe and throughout time, actually comes from a Root. Not only does it boast a pleasant flavor, but also a slew of health benefits as a member of the Malvaceae class of plants (Mucous-producing).

The Respiratory, Digestive, Throat, and Urinary Tracts are coated by Marshmallow Root. This effect soothes irritation, inflammation, and infection. Due to Marshmallow Root’s ability to lubricate the Mucous membranes, it greatly aids all facets of the Immune System.

Mucous facilitates proper elimination of toxins and bacteria which may invade the body, and thus consumption of Marshmallow Root prompts detoxification. The presence of  Mucous physically drags impurities from the body using innate elimination systems. The Root also behaves as a Diuretic, furthering its cleansing capacity.

The root is potent, and treats internal and external infection. If applied to burns and cuts, Marshmallow stimulates efficient healing. It protects and cushions wounded areas, just as it lines interior membranes; This accelerates tissue/cell regrowth, accelerating recovery.

Candy and sweets are the most recognizable occurrence of Marshmallow Root today. It’s important to note that very few Marshmallow-flavored products truly contain actual Marshmallow Root. Marshmallows do not resemble the Root, but rather consist of sugar and preservatives.

Supplementation, cooking, and desserts with Marshmallow Root trace back to Ancient Egypt. Its use has also been observed in the Roman, Arabian, and Greek Empires. Native to North Africa, Asia, Australia, China, and Europe, today the root is a medicinal staple worldwide.

For naturally creamy/sweet tasting, Immune-boosting lubrication for sore throats and colds, try brewing:

  1. Marshmallow Root
  2. Rooibos leaves

Also try cooking/baking with Marshmallow Root!


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