Crystal meanings, uses, and properties A-Z: Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is known for spreading unconditional love wherever it goes. Those in need of comfort, tenderness, or security may find solace while working with Rose Quartz.

Targeting the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz opens the user to emotional experiences. It attracts new love, highlights existing love, and anchors feelings of love from the past. Friendships, flings, family, relationships, and unions are kindled and strengthened.

Rose Quartz maintains a positive and energetic influence on mood, promoting happiness and productivity. It reduces stress, replacing anxiety with contentment and gratitude. Wearing or holding this stone guarantees perpetual uplift throughout the day.

Rose Quartz both engages and protects the Heart. It mends heartbreak, and its help is commonly enlisted following death of loved ones. Known to bring hope, Rose Quartz permits adequate grieving and ensures healing.

Rose Quartz conjures self-love and boosts self-confidence. It allows the user to recognize inner favorable qualities, and establish supportive self-talk. This stone generally balances the emotional response, resulting in increased calm and rationality.

This stone also alerts the user to beauty, both in surroundings and people. Rose Quartz illuminates that which may have been previously overlooked; it inspires awe and admiration for aesthetics, both natural and man-made.

Metaphysics including Rose Quartz date back to Ancient Egypt, where facial masks consisting of the stone were found inside tombs. Currently, Rose Quartz mining occurs frequently and globally; It is found nearly everywhere en masse.

With much potential to improve our world through increasing unconditional love for ourselves and each other, Rose Quartz is a powerful tool. It’s a proud parent, who sees the best parts of us; this energy can reside inside our pockets every day.

Hardness: 7

Classification: Triclinic Crystal

rose quartz.jpg

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