Crystal meanings, uses, and properties A-Z: Sapphire (Blue Sapphire)

             Dubbed the most valuable of the blue-hued gems, Sapphire’s hardness can be exceeded by diamonds alone. It is known for its brightness, luster, and durability; this makes Sapphire a favorite among miners, collectors, jewelers, and consumers alike.
          Sapphire, a powerful meditation stone, greatly enhances the intuition. By directing targeting the Third Eye, Sapphire opens the user to spiritual progression. 

            It kindles inner creativity, and is therefore particularly useful for artists. Sapphire is said to unearth hidden inspiration in all people, which makes it truly universal. 

             Often used to realize peace and contentment, Sapphire brings dreams to life. Users, once more attuned to their subconscious and inner states of consciousness, can more easily interpret and apply precognitive information. 

           It is also a psychic protection stone, shielding the user from all negativity. Sapphire aids depression and quells anxiety, intensifying the user’s sense of comfort and belonging. This stone fortifies the “inner compass”, which allows for flow of insight, a sense of right/wrong, and personal integrity.

          Though most coveted in its blue form, Sapphire is actually comprised of the mineral Corundum, which can occur in various colors. The red specimen of Corundum, also called Ruby, is a rare cousin of Sapphire. 

        Corundum represents the whole rainbow. Black Sapphire stimulates the Root Chakra, Pink Sapphire targets the Heart; each manifestation of this mineral exhibits its color’s associated properties, in addition to Sapphire’s general influence.


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